All About the Lea: Peter Marshall photography

Peter Marshall at his exhibition opening

Peter Marshall has been photographing the Lea Valley since 1981.

He has recorded the source as well as the Lower Lea and Bow Creek.

An exhibition of just some of Peter’s black and white photographs is now at Cody Dock.

The pictures chosen for his exhibition show the valley just before any change.

His views of an inaccessible river bring to mind Prince Charles’ claim just over forty years ago that the Lea Valley was “a classic example of what could be done with derelict land if impetus and determination was there”.

Now Cody Dock itself is leading the way in opening up the Lea at its southern end and engaging so many local and artistic people.

Peter Marshall‘s pictures are a very rare record and worth seeing to understand what we now enjoy and what still needs to be safeguarded.

The exhibition is open free from Friday to Monday 10am (Sun 2pm) to 5pm until Sunday 23 April.

Nadia’s Cody Dock Cafe is open daily.

Cody Dock is on the Lea Valley Walk. Go south from Three Mills and Twelvetrees Bridge; nearest station Bromley-by-Bow (Underground). Or to walk upstream go to Star Lane (DLR).

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