Holy Cross Day at Waltham Abbey

Today Friday 14 September is Holy Cross Day and the weather looks good for this evening’s now traditional procession at Waltham Abbey.

The church is said to stand on the site where oxen carrying a marble cross from Somerset in 1035 stopped and refused to move.

Tonight the long walk from Montacute will be staged again with the Olympic white water centre being Montacute. The procession starts at 6.30pm and will be led by the Bishop of Chelmsford.

At 7pm a quarter peal of bells is being rung simultaneously at the Abbey church and at Montacute’s St Catherine’s Church in Somerset.

One thought on “Holy Cross Day at Waltham Abbey

  1. Tricia Gurnett

    Thank you for this article. May I just mention that it was in 1035 not 1235. Have just got back from the event. It was wonderful even better than last year. When we arrived at the Abbey, it looked stunning, darkened with just banks of candles, incense, and straw on the floor. The Abbey Choir were singing an unaccompanied Latin liturgy as the Scouts, (who play our oxen), installed the Holy Cross in its stand. The Bishop gave an inspiring and very appropriate sermon.
    We’ll be back on 14 September next, and it will then be a Saturday so perhaps a slightly different even.
    Tricia Gurnett, for the Holy Cross Day Partnership

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