Cody Dock: Help complete the Lea Valley Walk path

A bridge will span the dock entrance

The gate was unlocked for the day

My Open House visit choice on Saturday was Cody Dock on the River Lea, downstream of Three Mills.

This was my first visit although I had often looked through the locked gate at the dock entrance. It’s at the end of an open riverside path running south from Twelvetrees Bridge.

The dock, built for a now closed gasworks, is in the hands of a charity which plans to open it as a working dock with community living and working. There will also be a visitor centre highlighting the riverside heritage.

For me the the best news is the intention to place a lifting bridge across the entrance to allow the Lea Valley Walk to continue down to its confluence with the Thames.

This is vital because a £32m extension planned by the London Thames Gateway Development Corporation has been delayed.

The Dutch bridge could be in place for around £80,000 within a year.

Project promotor Simon Myers was an inspiration as he led parties around the site and along the existing path just waiting for the link.

£79,705 is needed and so far £4,251 has been raised. Simon is happy for people to give small amounts to signify support.

I have pledged just £5 to be part of the effort and urge all who wish to see the Lea Valley Walk completed to also ‘give a fiver’. The more who do so the better and the money will attract match funding.

Supporters include the actor David Suchet and singer Billy Bragg.

The Cody Dock website has full details.