Awaiting Meridian Water

Looking north at the Meridian Water site

Stonehill Business Park, also known as the Lea Valley Industrial Estate,  is slowly disappearing to make way for Meridian Water development.

The industrial estate is immediately south of Lea Valley Viaduct and at present this half a mile is the least attractive on the entire Walk.

Clearance is ahead on the east bank whilst the west side is at present untouched with huge redundant sheds standing silent in long grass and high bushes.

The Leaside Cafe, which used to open at 6am, stands closed and isolated.

The Meridian Water residential plan for the area covers both banks of the river with new bridges planned. One will lead direct to a new railway station due to open next year. This will be  a replacement for the now almost inaccessible Angel Road Station to the north which is hemmed in by the flyover approach.

This very noisy flyover across the north end of the site leads to the Cook’s Ferry.Roundabout  which takes its name from the original idyllic crossing here.

But still delightful is the river downstream of the Meridian Water southern boundary at Chalk Bridge.

Here there is sudden relief as the Lea Valley Walk reaches the green Tottenham Marshes at a spot once known as Wild Marsh.

Looking west towards the new station

Arriva buses still on site

Path by river on Tottenham Marshes just south of development site

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