Twelvetrees Ramp opens soon

The River Lea divides at Three Mills as the navigation with the towpath goes into the man-made Limehouse Cut leaving the natural tidal river to wind down to the Thames as Bow Creek.

Later this month it will be possible to join this dramatic tidal stretch without having to take a diversion along the very noisy A12 Blackwall Tunnel Northern Approach road.

A ramp up from the towpath to Twelvetrees Bridge is now in place and railings are being fitted.

Also, steps are being made from the bridge’s east end down to the existing riverside path to Cody Dock on the tidal river.

This is a huge improvement. The link has been planned for at least 15 years and should have been in place four years ago. This is the third design. Look at this blog for more news mid September.

Artist's impression of Twelvetrees Ramp

Artist’s impression of Twelvetrees Ramp

Work in progress

Work in progress

5 thoughts on “Twelvetrees Ramp opens soon

  1. KP

    Has it taken longer to build this ramp than the original bridge. I asked the builders 6 weeks ago and they said a fornight. Three weeks ago ‘next week’. And today they are still working on it! How many months does it take to build a ramp?

  2. Kevin Pritchard

    ‘Twelvetrees Ramp opens soon’ 12 September 2016

    The East London Arts and Music Academy building at Bromley by Biow – and, that’s a whole school has its windows and roof on and this was started a couple if months after this ramp was.

    And here we are 11 November and it is still fenced off!

    What us going on?


  3. KP

    Wey hey it’s open!

    And it inly took two and a half months less to build than the Empire State Building which was built in the early part of last century in 1 year and 45 days. Must have been health and safety

    Progress then…

    Fantastic to have it as a community asset though.

  4. Cody Dock

    At last! The Twelvetrees Ramp is finally open and the Cody Wilds section of path is connected to the rest of the Lea River paths. Very exciting. Just a small matter of opening the last missing link between Cody Dock and the Bow Ecology Park and the walk will be complete!

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