Lea Valley Walk: Meridian Water plans

Just after passing under the Lea Valley Viaduct, below Pickett’s Lock, the Lea Valley Walk is alongside an industrial estate. The only relief from this stretch, leading to a bus garage, is the cafe.

Now a plan to redevelop the area as Meridian Water has been unveiled. It is described as a £1.3bn eco-development that will provide up to 5,000 homes and create up to 3,000 jobs.

It’s part of the Mayor of London’s Opportunity Area Planning Framework for the Upper Lee Valley.

The masterplan has the towpath running alongside new homes in Meridian East although the waterside ‘Gelato’ kiosk in the artist’s impression seems to be blocking the way on the “high quality promenade”.

Opposite will be more flats and inlets “providing flood storage”. There is suggestion of . “floating homes and residential moorings”.

It’s all within a “green and blue corridor”. Tottenham Marsh appears to have been rebranded Meridian Gardens.

Most puzzling is that the 150 page masterplan fails to mention the Lea Valley Walk.

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