Section 3 changes: from Luton Airport Parkway

Bottom of page 29 to middle of page 31:

Follow Parkway Road from the station forecourt (or right from the Luton path) to a roundabout. Turn left into Lower Harpenden Road. Continue ahead to go under the flyover and follow the path which rises to leave the roadside.

Only go left up the steps to visit Someries Castle (see page below).

Stay on the main path running parallel to the road below (right). Soon the way is fenced and high above the road. At a junction the path runs up a steep slope to run alongside the main railway line. From the high ground there are occasional glimpses of Luton Hoo mansion (right).

Top of page 32:

The “missing bridge” has been replaced.

Page 36: Diversion to Someries Castle

Go up the steps and left on to a path leading up to Airport Way. Turn right to cross high over the railway. Keep forward where the pavement ends and after a short distance turn sharp right to climb the steps up to the top of the bank. Here there is a view across Luton by the fence of Luton Airport.

Go ahead from the top of the bank and turn left with the airport fence to follow the path along high ground and then down into the valley.

At the bottom of the hill turn left to stay with the airport fence. On meeting a gate keep to its right to continue uphill. Stay with the fence as it bears round to the right, passing a clump of trees and a hedge. Go through a kissing gate on the left and bear half right to pass between brick Someries Castle (right) and the farmhouse. Go through another kissing gate by the track gate and turn immediately right to find the gate leading to the castle.

Return by the same route but when near the bottom of the hill do not go right up hill but continue ahead following the bottom of the valley to go under the railway by two cottages (right).

Turn left along the road for a few yards to find on the left a kissing gate. Once in the field keep parallel to the road. After a short distance bear left up a wide gap and before a tunnel turn right up a slope.

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