Changes near Luton Airport

I have been looking at the path south of Luton Airport Parkway where there have been big road changes. The work has taken longer than expected and in addition Sustrans has begun work on a cycleway.

I was fortunate to meet Sustrans’ area manager Andy Knight on site. I shall shortly be posting a new text for the opening of section 3.

In future there will be no need to cross a dangerous road and walk under the end of the airport runway. Some will regret this maybe!

Thanks to Sustrans one can walk directly south on a safe path. Some of it is already newly surfaced.

Here the path is following an old railway line. Yesterday the ground was being landscaped around a new footbridge which spans the main road as the path moves to the west side.

At East Hyde, just inside Hertfordshire, work has started on the path running into Harpenden. There is is a gentle slope up to the old railway embankment from the road at East Hyde. A new hedge is in place to enclose the path.

I shall update on this area from time to time as there will be occasional diversions as work continues and other changes.

Some may regret the stretches of hard surface but overall this is a great improvement.

There is little signage at present. The old has gone, the temporary has blown down and the new has yet to come.

Pages 29 to 37.

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