Plans for after 2012 revealed

Plans for the Olympic Park after 2012 are to be revealed at a series of roadshow and workshop events across London starting this month. 

Landscape architects Latz & Partner has been appointed to lead a team to design a section of the proposed Lea River Park from above the Olympic Park to the Thames. 

The plan is for continuous linear parkland called for some unknown reason the ‘Fatwalk’.

The section covered by Latz & Partner’s design covers the first part of the ‘Fatwalk’ – a new riverside cycling and walking route, Three Mills ‘Green’ – a new community park and East India Dock Basin where the Lea Valley Walk used to end before the switch to the Limehouse Basin

We shall have to see if the Lea Valley Walk benefits from all this. 

The full list of venues for the consultations can be found on

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