A good Walk London day out

There were 57 walkers on this morning’s Walk London walk down the Lea Valley Walk from Tottenham Hale.

There was bright sunshine. We made up for the cold by walking quite briskly. I hope we did not go too fast but everyone kept up. In warmer weather there might  be time for longer stops and even a picnic stop.

We all stepped into Tesco at the end. What a pity that the Three Mills cafe was closed. It is open in the week.

It was good to meet people with such different experiences of the Lea Valley. One person had spent four years with the guide book slowly walking the 50 mile route. Another once worked at Sutton House which I mentioned in passing when we stopped at former Matchbox Toy factory.

I guess we could repeat the walk during the next Walk London weekend. It is good to see how the countryside changes and how the Olympic arena grows.

Thanks to everyone who made it such a good day out.

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