Open Luton Church says Christopher Howse

The Lea Valley Walk passes lovely Luton Church which is highlighted in The Daily Telegraph today by Christopher Howse.

With the new edition of Pevsner’s Buildings of England Bedfordshire in hand he has attempted see the church’s very unusual baptistry dating from about 1340.

There are many other interesting features in the very large building including a chapel built by Mr Speaker Wenlock who died in the Wars of the Roses. More recent is the seat used by our present Queen earlier in her reign when paying an annual visit during her wedding anniversary weekends at Luton Hoo.

To see this remarkable church you walk to the far south end of the shopping centre where a huge window frames the church.

Christopher Howse laments that he found the church locked. Until a few years ago is was always open on weekdays. Keeping the doors, given by Cardinal  Wolsey, locked fails both Luton’s tourism push and Christian mission. Locals should be able to visit their own church.

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