More reedbeds for River Lea

“When we first visited the Cody Dock reedbed, close to the mouth of the River Lea, in late 2010, it was instantly clear what a wonderful place it was and how damaged it had become,” writes Theo Thomas of Thames21 in a just published Project Reedbed Report.

It was the Cody Dock reeds which inspired this report on creating new reedbeds on the River Lea between Enfield Lock and Bromley-by-Bow. It reveals that at present only 8% of the river, which has poor water quality, currently benefits from reedbeds.

John Bryden, Biodiversity Officer for the Lea Catchment at the Environment Agency, said: “Over the next five years we hope to see a number of the recommendations of the report implemented, leading to a substantial change in the look and amenity value of the River Lee Navigation. This will allow for more wildlife to inhabit the river and will hopefully allow for more people to enjoy themselves in and around the area.”

Programmes Manager Theo Thomas said: “This research sets out very clearly how important reedbeds are for our river systems and wider environment.

“This solution is within our grasp and will help make the Lea healthier. It also provides specific guidance on where and how they can be implemented for far-reaching benefits to water health, biodiversity and social and amenity value.”

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