St Paul’s protesters on Lea Valley path

Protesters from the camp recently outside St Paul’s Cathedral have arrived on the towpath just upstream of Lea Bridge.

They claim to be supporting local opposition to a temporary an air hall housing basketball training courts for the London 2012 Games.

The site is on the Porter’s Field of Leyton Marsh near the footbridge leading to Middlesex Wharf.

One thought on “St Paul’s protesters on Lea Valley path

  1. Charlie

    This is not quite right.
    The people staying in tents came from the Occupy camp at Finsbury Square at the request of the local residents in the Save Leyton Marsh group. It’s not a ‘claim’, it’s a fact, I was there, we all agreed we wanted them to come.

    They came to help us keep the construction works halted. They are not on the tow path (or any path) but up in the middle of Porters Field, next to the construction site.

    What the ODA are attempting (and currently failing) to build is not an air hall but a 1.5ha compound containing permanent rigid buildings on concrete foundations with tarmac roadways and carpark and permanent services. The strength of opposition is because it is an unnecessary, wasteful and dishonest project, damaging the environment, and embarked on without consultation and with concealed motives.

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