Jim Lewis’s new Lea Valley book

I spent Thursday evening at Myddelton House where Jim Lewis was launching his latest book.

Regeneration and Innovation: Invention and reinvention in the Lea Valley explores the Lea Valley’s industrial and technological firsts.

A large section is devoted to Tottenham Hale where, since the book went to press, the August riots began.

It was interesting to find that the book is published with the support of Lee Valley Estates who are involved the the regeneration of Tottenham.

Also topical is the section on Newham where an area known for its abbey is today the Olympic Park.

The Johnson Matthey connection at Brimsdown is explained as is the Allen & Hanburys building at Ware

It was a sunny evening which began with a tour of the Myddelton House garden made famous by EA Bowles. His young successor Andrew Turvey showed that high standards and experimentation continue.

Currently new potatoes as well as plants are on sale at the visitors’ centre.

This is the seventh book by Jim Lewis in the present series and it does not disappoint. He is doing much to highlight the heritage of the valley which is only now coming to wide attention thanks to the Olympics.

As I walk up and down the river revising the Lea Valley Walk guide for next year it will make timely as well as enjoyable reading for me.

Regeneration and Innovation: Invention and reinvention in the Lea Valley by Jim Lews is published by Libri Publishing (£9.99).

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