Be part of Bow’s floating towpath launch

The formal launch the floating towpath near Bromley-by-Bow is planned for the week commencing Monday 19 September.

The London Thames Gateway Development Corporation with its colleagues at British Waterways are aware that this floating construction is part of a seamless north-south walk where walkers do not now have to take their lives into their own hands by crossing over the fraught A11.

This is a massive improvement for the Lea Valley Walk as well as local people.

LTGDC and British Waterways are wondering if there is any keen walker who would be prepared to walk the Walk from somewhere in the north down to Bow and to coincide their arrival with a media launch at Bow.

There would be support for any expenses incurred during the walk such as bed and breakfast accommodation and refreshments.

If anyone, especially someone living on the line of the Lea Valley Walk, is interested they should contact LTGDC.

Walkers living at the start in Luton or one of the historic towns such as Hertford, Ware or Waltham Abbey might wish to be part of this important moment.

A walk from Waltham Abbey to Bow would link the two main Olympic sites in the Lea Valley.

Contact Patrick Edwards at LTGDC if think you can do it.

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