Forman’s Smokehouse Gallery has Olympic view

Forman’s, the smoked salmon firm on the River Lea, has opened a gallery.

It is called the Smokehouse Gallery and tonight saw the launch of the first exhibition. East Meets West is described as “a diverse collection of street and graffiti artists from Eastern Europe and East London”.

H. Forman & Son is a family owned salmon smoker established in 1905. It is now in the hands of fourth generation Lance Forman whose smokehouse was in Marshgate Lane where the new Olympic Stadium is being built.

Fortunately he found this nearby site across the water on Fish Island with a fantastic view of the stadium.

The pink Forman’s building, designed by Phil Hudson is itself now a landmark on the Lea Valley Walk between Hackney Wick and Old Ford Lock. The architect claims that it is in the shape of a fillet of salmon.

This is, like Tate Modern, a gallery where the building is as much an attaction as the art. Tonight’s launch was a delightful evening with smoked salmon nibbles and an opportunity to see the restaurant downstairs which has an even bigger window for viewing the towpath and Olympic Stadium.

The view is obviously better in daylight. The exhibition is open 12 noon to 5pm on Saturdays and Sundays and 5pm-9pm on Fridays until the Sunday 21 March; admission free. The entrance is in Stour Road E3.

See page 114.

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