Rye House in top twenty

Interesting to see that the Lee Valley features in the list of the top twenty Secret Britain wildlife sites.

The locations are in today’s Independent on Sunday and Rye Meads, the Rye House Nature Reserve, is placed 14th in the list which starts with Ireland’s Slievenacloy Nature Reserve and Scotland’s Loch of the Lowes.

“Ancient flood meadow, marshes, reedbeds, wet woodland, old gravel pits and lagoons in the Lea Valley wetlands complex that stretches from the Thames way up into rural Herts” says the introduction. (Interesting choice of spelling for Lee/Lea.)

Rye Meads is said to have “thriving populations of water voles, water shrews and harvest mice” and be “a stronghold of the otters that have re-colonised the Lea Valley recently”.

There is also Rye Gatehouse and the lovely Rye House pub. All easily reached by train as well as the Lea Valley Walk.

See pages 76-80.

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