The Times prints at Waltham Cross

News that today’s issue of The Times is the first to be officially printed at Broxbourne may have puzzled some who think that they know the Lee Valley well.

This claim is not quite accurate just as reports that the Olympic canoe events were to be at Broxbourne were also misleading.

The canoe course is to be alongside the River Lea on open space just south of Cheshunt. This site just happens by a few yards to be in the Borough of Broxbourne.

News International’s new printing plant is also just inside the borough. It’s at Waltham Cross.  The Liverpool Street–Theobalds Grove railway line runs along its eastern side. The other two sides are bounded by the M25 and the Great Cambridge Road.

So the Lee Valley now has Europe’s most advanced printworks but it will not spoil the view from the towpath unlike, maybe, the nearby Olympic project.

See page 89.

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